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Cape Argus Newspaper Advertising Rates

Cape Argus Newspaper Advertising Rates

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Cape Argus Newspaper Advertising Rates


Newspaper Advertising may sometimes be considered outdated and old but it still has the most results when it comes to advertising. Cape Argus Newspaper is a popular newspaper published in South Africa and ensures that it reaches its target audience. Newspaper Advertising offers a variety of benefits which include affordable advertising rates at the convenience of its targeted audience worldwide.

Cape Argus Newspaper offers a variety of advertising options at affordable newspaper rates such as the Classified Ads, Display Ads and loose inserts. It is also very convenient to advertise in Cape Argus Newspaper as it is also one of the most affordable Newspapers in South Africa.


There are a number of different options that are involved when it comes to getting the Newspaper advertising Rates for your specific advert intended for a specific target audience and these include the Size of the advert, Newspaper Publication, colour of the advert and the frequency with which you run the ad especially in Cape Argus Newspaper.

Newspaper advertising ensures that you reach a large number of people even those who prefer Online Newspapers and want to get Newspaper Rate cards at the click of their hands.

Cape Argus  Newspaper offers advertisers a wide range of advertising options and benefits that enable them to connect with their target market through creative advertising campaigns it also reaches niche audiences, catering to its readers varied interests and also get measurable return on investment for their business at Affordable newspaper rates in South Africa.

When it comes to designing the perfect advert for you Cape Argus Newspaper has a team that will design the best advert for you and also advise on the relevant sections that will be best benefiting to ensure you get a measurable return of investment for your business at the most affordable Newspaper Rates in South Africa.

Cape Argus Newspaper caters for both young and older people who are commuters, students and young professionals making it relevant to its target market and clients in advertising while also offering the community and surrounding areas affordable advertising rates in South Africa.


Book your advertising space on Cape Argus Newspaper to get your advert placed at an affordable advertising rate on the best spots on the paper and one of our advertising consultants will contact you to discuss your advertising campaign.

To advertise in Cape Argus Newspaper –contact us on bookings@105globalmedia.co.za or sales@105globalmedia.co.za

Advertising influences 90% of customer’s decision of purchasing a product or a service. Print advertising is the oldest yet effective form of advertising for businesses to market their products and services. There are a lot of specifications involved when deciding on newspaper advertising, it becomes a lot more easier to get what you want to achieve when you know who your target market is. With all the new trends and evolution in marketing and advertising it sometimes look impossible to keep up with all advertising mediums when trying to place an advert that will reach your target market since there’s a lot of advertising channels to choose from. However, with all other advertising medium available Newspaper and Magazine advertising continues to be worthwhile and being a great investment.

Newspaper and Magazine Advertising

While types of advertising continue to change with technology and time the relevant traditional advertising is still Newspaper and Magazine advertising. Print advertising is still the most trusted and credible medium to effectively reach customers because of its flexibility, affordability and targeting. 105 Global Media Marketing and Advertising company prides itself in ensuring that you don’t only capitalize on newspaper advertising but you also get to create an impression that lasts longer in the consumers mind. 

While many people say that print ads are becoming obsolete but that is not true, print ads are still considered on advertising budgets of many companies as a way of reaching their target market. Also, print advertising gives a wealth of information, inspiration and creativity to its readers, which drives them to buy Newspapers and Magazines more often. New print publications are constantly appearing in the industry and they all thrive because they all use the same method: informative, creativity and inspiring its readers.