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Eastern Cape, East London Billboard

Eastern Cape, East London Billboard

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Eastern Cape, East London Billboard

billboard advertising in Eastern Cape, East London
DESCRIPTION : Prime advertising spot in the busiest street in East London and the Eastern Cape – Oxford Street, facing traffic coming into the R72 and municipal service centres. It doesn’t get more prime than this spot, with visibility ranging from 120m, at a marvellous size of 694 SQM, your brand will have a significant presence. Strategically, in a highly concentrated CBD with high economic activity, this site can reach an average of 4,000,000 vehicles per month.
SIZE: 11,4m x 10,69m / 20,18m x 17,68m / 20,18m x 10,69m (694 SQM)
TRAFFIC : 4,000,000 vehicles per month.
GPS CO-ORDINATES : -33.016156, 27.904194

To advertise in Eastern Cape, East London billboard contact bookings@105globalmedia.co.za or sales@105globalmedia.co.za one of our media planners will assist you.

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Billboard Advertising is a great way to reach a large audience where they live, commute, work and socialise. Unlike any other advertising medium, Outdoor Ads can be everywhere you want them to be and wherever your customers go. Outdoor advertising is the only media where advertisers have full control of their advertising space and allows their message to be displayed all week every day and any time and they can be switched off whenever required, with more commuters on the roads this means you have a guaranteed audience and Outdoor Ads allow you to reach more people faster at an affordable rate, they also help drive higher levels of engagement between brands and their customers increasing the rate of interactions and the likelihood of purchase.

Transit advertising works like all other forms of advertising. With transit advertising you are guaranteed to enjoy higher return on investment.

Billboard advertising remains a powerful tool for reaching a broad audience with impactful messages. In today’s digital age, leveraging billboards strategically can amplify brand visibility and drive online engagement. Whether positioned on busy highways or in urban centers, eye-catching billboards capture attention and spark curiosity. Businesses can optimize billboard campaigns by integrating location-based keywords, compelling CTAs, and social media handles to encourage online interaction. By creating synergy between offline and online channels, businesses can maximize their reach and impact. Effective billboard advertising not only generates immediate interest but also boosts online search visibility, leading to enhanced brand recognition and customer engagement.

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