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Koepel Stereo (KSFM 94.9)

Koepel Stereo (KSFM 94.9)

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Koepel Stereo (KSFM 94.9)


As outdated as radio advertising may seem in our now digitally driven lives, there is a lot of evidence to the contrary. Advertising on Koepel Stereo (KSFM 94.9) holds a great deal of potential for brands. Radio advertising increases awareness and your brand personality much better than other mediums. Advertising on Koepel Stereo (KSFM 94.9) helps build customer loyalty and promotes your products and services at affordable radio rates in South Africa.


Radio advertising reaches a huge audience. Koepel Stereo (KSFM 94.9) has a very large number of listeners so by advertising with them you are sure to reach a large number of people who in turn can help promote your company brand all across South Africa.

When it comes to advertising on radio you are sure to reach a targeted audience because you can tailor make and localise your advert for a specific audience at a particular radio slot with specific segments. All this can be done at affordable radio rates.

Radio stations target a specific demographics and market segments and with the Rate Cards you are able to choose your specific Time slots for your desired target audience.

Koepel Stereo (KSFM 94.9) also offers different types of advertising ranging from Live Reads, Interviews, Pre recordings, sponsorships etc.

Radio advertising at Koepel Stereo (KSFM 94.9) works with frequency and reaching your audience repeatedly. radio advertising is the anytime anywhere medium. Having radio accessible enables listening to occur in places that other mediums may have difficulty reaching.

Radio is the pulse of the community it is live and local reflecting the community. Radio advertising at Koepel Stereo (KSFM 94.9) offers promotional opportunities.

Radio is influential, radio influences people because they feel they are hearing it from a friend and referrals are the best type of sales advertising.

Radio is immediate and flexible, radio advertising campaign can be up and running within a few weeks.

If you are looking to reach a mass audience advertise on Koepel Stereo (KSFM 94.9) and get affordable advertising rate from our range of advertising campaigns such as live reads, sponsorships and advertising spots. For brand strategists and businesses looking to expand their market and create a buzz for their brands and disseminate their advertising to as many people as possible then creating a an effective radio advertising is a way to go.

Book an advertising space today to place your advert at an affordable radio advertising rates on Koepel Stereo (KSFM 94.9) and one of our advertising consultants will contact you to discuss your advertising campaign.

To advertise in Koepel Stereo (KSFM 94.9) –contact us on bookings@105globalmedia.co.za or sales@105globalmedia.co.za