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Out-of-Home Advertising in South Africa

105 Global  Media  Advertising  Company is one of the top and trusted advertising agencies in South Africa  when it comes to Outdoor advertising the company has been in existence for years and over the years we have managed to remain the best in outdoor advertising and we have built long-lasting relationships with our clientele. We have extensive experience and established a reputable and strong network in outdoor advertising with media options that will provide brands with geographic targeting that extends from capital cities to complexes and suburbs. Our vast range of available sites allows you to target specific markets to minimize advertising waste and prevent loss of ROI.


Types of Out-Of-Home Advertising

At 105 Global Out Of Home Advertising provides the perfect balance and strategically targeted sites and extensive exposure to help increase your brand’s visibility, our Outdoor Advertising is impossible to ignore.

If you are looking to invest in Out Of Home advertising then here are the types of Outdoor advertising to consider:

  • Advertising on buses
  • Advertising on taxis
  • Advertising on dustbins
  • Subway cars and stickers
  • Advertising on bus stations
  • Pole advertising and subway stations
  • Stadium Advertising
  • Floor stickers
  • Billboards advertising
  • Lamp posts
  • Bridge advertising
  • Guerrila advertising/Graffiti
  • Transit advertising
  • Transit advertising
  • Mobile trailer advertising

Book your space today for advertising that compels action

Outdoor Advertising is a great way to reach a large audience where they live, commute, work and socialise. Unlike any other advertising medium, Outdoor Ads can be everywhere you want them to be and wherever your customers go. Outdoor advertising is the only media where advertisers have full control of their advertising space and allows their message to be displayed all week every day and any time and they can be switched off whenever required, with more commuters on the roads this means you have a guaranteed audience and Outdoor Ads allow you to reach more people faster at an affordable rate, they also help drive higher levels of engagement between brands and their customers increasing the rate of interactions and the likelihood of purchase.

Transit advertising works like all other forms of advertising. With transit advertising you are guaranteed to enjoy higher return on investment.

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Benefits of Transit and Outdoor Advertising

Better exposure

Repetitive exposure to ads

Reaches a captive audience

Demands attention

Cost effective

Reach people where they live, work and play.

Out of Home Advertising is the most memorable type of advertising in consumer’s minds. Commuters are aware of Outdoor Ads as they move through their lives they take note of adverts they see daily on the streets they use some even go to an extent of not remembering the street names but remembering the Ads on them. A lot of people still see outdoor advertising as just Billboards. As much as Billboards are still growing we have a lot of Out of Home Advertising.

Outdoor advertising is the most influential type of advertising in impulsive buying and creating brand awareness with eye-catching designs, innovative concepts and advanced advertising principles. Be in touch with our advertising experts to discuss your Out of Home Advertising campaign

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    105 Global media is a fully integrated marketing and advertising agency in South Africa, with dedicated experienced account managers and media planners in the country ensuring that your brand is well represented to your target audience and potential clients. Our marketing and advertising agency is based in South Africa, Mpumalanga.