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Advertising on PM Africa Magazine can ensure you reach your target audience

Audience targeting is one of the main advantages of magazine advertisingPM Africa Magazine gives you better magazine advertising rates and options ensuring that it reaches the intended target audience.

PM Africa magazine has a lot of pages with minimum adverts on each page ensuring better chances of your particular advert being noticed. Targeted marketing can result in a much higher return on investment than other forms of advertising and at PM Africa Magazine you get to do this at very affordable magazine advertising rates.

Benefits of advertising in PM Africa Magazine

 To start with a lot of people who buy magazines hardly dispose them. That way a lot of people will get to see it and that way your advert gets to reach a number of people and businesses. The full color and gloss on the pictures give the public a clearer picture of your product. With Magazine Advertising you are guaranteed to reach your intended target market especially on PM Africa Magazine. Advertise now in PM Africa Magazine to reach the large audience at affordable Advertising Rates.

Magazines are very much adored by their target audience so when you advertise in PM Africa Magazine your advert will become familiar and your company’s level of trust will be elevated. This will help build brand recognition and brand loyalty.

Through Magazine Advertising you can find the right magazine for the right audience and place your adverts strategically through the different sections like your Classifieds. At PM Africa Magazine you get to do all this at affordable Magazine advertising rates.

Book your advertising space on PM Africa Magazine at affordable magazine advertising rates.

Magazines are issued weekly and monthly so to ensure that your advert gets to be in the right edition PM Africa Magazine ensures to advise on the expected dates for artwork to be handed in so as not to miss deadlines for your intended audience. Our dedicated consultants make sure they give you their full attention to ensure you get a good return of investment. With most Magazines going digital you are sure to reach a broader audience.

For Magazine rate cards on PM Africa Magazine contact us on  bookings@105globalmedia.co.za or sales@105globalmedia.co.za