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TBN Advertising Rate Cards

Advertising on television allows you to showcase your business, product or service to a wide audience in a fashionable way that consumers know and trust. You can show viewers how your product or service works, how it is packaged and how it can meet their needs which makes it easier for prospective customers to know what to look for at the point of sale.

With evident proof TV Advertising still remains resilient. TV reaches approximately 70% of SA’s population, advertisers invest in the channel because of its reach. The channel delivers the highest return on investment with advertising traffic increasing by 60% every year.

Adverts placed on TBN are known for influencing the decision of consumers. Advertising on TBN offers benefits that are ahead of any other medium making it an effect channel to advertise on when considering advertising on Television.

TBN Types of Advertising

  • Purchasing ad spots during shows
  • Topical video commercials
  • Image video commercials
  • Testimonial style commercial
  • Performance proof commercial
  • Comparison commercial

TBN Advertising Rate Cards

TBN offers clients TV advertising rates that are out of range and sell best for their target market. We make sure that businesses invest in TV advertising again and trust it to be their intermediary between them and their target market and also they understand the advantages of advertising on TBN.

Get your advertising airtime on TBN today and start making profits through the best Television channel in South Africa