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tygerburger newspaper advertising

Get Tygerburger Newspaper advertising space at an affordable advertising rate.

If you are looking to reach a mass audience advertise with Tygerburger and get affordable newspaper advertising rates. Select from our tailored advertising campaign a campaign that will suit your budget and business. Tygerburger copies are distributed weekly to thousands of businesses and influencers, the newspaper is a weekly publication with almost 30 000 copies distributed free of charge in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town.

Tygerburger Newspaper is the firm favourite for commuters, producing thought provoking content from a team of local and international journalists giving advertisers guarantee for return on investment.

Reasons to advertise on Tygerburger Newspaper

  • Cost effective
  • Flexible
  • Higher engagement

Tygerburger Newspaper is a multi-platform news publication focusing on local hard breaking news, entertainment, sports, business politics and interactive media, offering advertisers a wide range of advertising options and benefits that will enable them to connect with their target market through creative advertising campaigns which in turn will yield measurable return on investment for your business.

Book an advertising space on Tygerburger Newspaper to get your advert placed at an affordable advertising rate and one of our advertising consultants will contact you to discuss your advertising campaign.

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